Like Politics, Doped Media

“Politics is that swamp of strategical field that includes, survival over prestige” -Anonymous

Niira Radia being accompanied by security personnel.

After so much of thinking and spending almost a week flipping pages through OPEN Magazine, The HINDU, Reuters and browsing their web content over Radia Tapes. There was nothing except the cobwebs of lethargic comments and accusations. This whole scenario of Tapes and fallacious statements were made to set A. Raja (The then Telecommunications Minister) into the Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh’s Cabinet.

Niira Radia

Niira Radia, who is a Political lobbyists, also runs a Public Relations firm, known as Vaishnavi Communications, while being investigated by Central Bureau of investigation (CBI) as was authorized by the Home Ministry, Indian Income Tax Department (ITD), in a possible case of Money laundering and tax evasion. She has been thereby accused of pumping up the influence to appoint A. Raja as a Telecom Minister as it might help her getting the broker deals in the 2G spectrum sale, which A. Raja is crying foul of, now.

The tapes expounds of Radia, attempting to use media professionals and the clienteles of her own PR company, including, Barkha Dutt, Ratan Tata, Vir Sanghvi, Kanimozhi and few others. The tapes allegedly were leaked out from the department of Income Tax and allegations were made on Barkha Dutt was in a support of the corrupt politics. Barkha in the Audio Tapes released by ITD found asking, Radia, in a telephonic conversation with her, “Tell me what should I tell them? (—congress)”. In the meantime, she was facilitating meetings and conversations between, DMK (a South Indian Political party) and Congress on the request of Niira radia. Although, Barkha posted clarifications on allegation against her in the NDTV website arguing, “For the journalism to be effective, journalists meet variety of people in the process of news making and the source sometimes do need to be convinced for the same, in a different manner”. Though, not in any case she acted upon, as the government will know, stated Barkha Dutt.

All eyes on her, Barkha Dutt

After the news outraged for couple of months and went not stormy for a while then, People on social networking sites angered on the Journalistic practices by Barkha Dutt and other senior Journalists. She responded people with a composed sense and tried to retain her faith and credibility, “it’s beneath contempt” as she revert tweets.

Does not this indicate, albeit, imprecisely that Indian Media is growing against all odds. If plagiarism of any kind are not to be believed. Niira Radia and the Tapes have almost exposed how Politics and Journalism works and processes. The X-Tapes is not this much, it has all-encompassing, from politics to media and hence restricted here for only Radia and Barkha’s indulgence.


The X Tapes (OPEN Magazine)
Barkha Dutt on Allegations against her (NDTV)
Barkha Dutt (via Twitter)
Tell me what should I tell them” (OPEN Magazine, web)
Title credits, “The X-Tapes” (OPEN Magazine)
Photo Credits-
Niira Radia,The Hindu
Press Trust Of India (PTI)
A. Raja (

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