Anything that matter, won’t matter!

You, are the centre of attention, crave to have a 1000 followers on twitter and as many as 500 friends on facebook. The one thing that you probably are not interested is actually getting awake of your indolence and act before you like or comment on a post that intrigues you, emotionally, helplessly and concurrently. We see many posts, these days and articles over the internet and mostly talking about Badaun Rape and Murder Case and what we can do as a person to protect ourselves and family before hand. But, do we actually need to punish the convicted and culprits and always have sympathy for the alleged rapist? Yes, it is necessary to punish, wake up and raise voices. Yes, I am specifically talking about, YOU. You never were a part of it (I’m sure, because you are reading this). You do not know how is it like to become a criminal or a victim.

You always talk about changing society and bringing a change, but just by flicking channels on the TV screen or clicking on various links over the internet doesn’t help those victims, at all! There is an absolute dearth of social media indulgence or inappropriate use of social media. People, mostly youth only talks about the topic that are focussed to them, their family, their friends and even you can have a chat with their pet on facebook (yes, they are intelligent enough). Just after a fortnight or so, the rape case or anything that rose up will go down the hill without affecting anybody in particular. Anything will shock the nation and anything won’t matter.

You cannot be a part of everything but be a part of what invokes your soul and give yourself in for the worst is still awaited and yet to be seen.


About shankdelhi

A person who lives in the realm of life and have his passion for entrepreneurship, writing, advertising, publishing and for sure love. Pursuing Journalism & Mass Communication from Indraprastha University, New Delhi.

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